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Public Speaking

Give your audience more than inspiration...

Tanya has defined a higher concept to helping you take on new truths and shed old habits. Self-care is the foundation to self-mastery. And self-mastery is the gateway to success in anything and everything you do in your life. 

Hi, I'm
Tanya Oliver

My past life story- I came from a space of addiction, suicidal thoughts and heavy anxiety/ depression. I was 60lbs overweight, low confidence and no support systems in place. I had 2 choices, I was gonna kill myself or I was gonna Live on Purpose, with Purpose, for a purpose.

I realized then, that if I wanted to create an EXTRA Ordinary Life I
first had to create an EXTRA ORDINARY SELF. I had to find the
greatness within me in order to extend that greatness into
everything else that I chose to do in this lifetime. I began my journey
of not fixing anything, but only working on peeling back the layers
that were chaining me down from experiencing better things in my
business, my relationships and my life as a whole.)