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An Executive Coach’s Tips On How to Operate At Peak Performance Regardless Of What Life Throws At You

Tanya Oliver has 17 years of experience as an executive coach, helping her clients tap into their peak performance state to accelerate success and thrive in all areas of their lives.

With almost two decades of experience under her belt, Tanya Oliver is an expert at guiding people towards looking, feeling & becoming the best version of themselves. She is passionate about helping her clients tap into their full potential, accelerating the achievement of their goals exponentially. The great results she has gotten for her clients have paved the way for her to be a renowned public speaker, author and entrepreneur. Tanya is an executive coach for high end achievers, and her drive to change other people’s lives comes from her life changing experience of transforming her own.

It has not always been success and happiness for her, and sharing her story is what she now uses as fuel to help those around her: It doesn’t matter the hardships life throws at you, but how quickly you get back up and how you respond to them. At her lowest point, she found herself searching for fulfillment and happiness in all the wrong places, and creating self sabotaging habits that impeded her success.

”I came from a space of addiction, suicidal thoughts and heavy anxiety and depression,” she shares. “I was 60 pounds overweight, with low confidence and no support system in place.” Tanya’s life was at the lowest it had ever been, and nothing she did was working to alleviate the pain she experienced. Her relationship with herself was losing strength, as she began to depend on external substances more and more.

But one day, Tanya realized she only had two options, to either end her suffering once and for all, or to do the complete opposite. Something in her mind thought if I’m willing to die, then I can choose to live on purpose. She understood that life didn’t happen to her, it happened for her. Instead of letting the situations that were outside of her control dictate her life, she decided to take the reins and re-write her story.

“I realized then, that if I wanted to create an extraordinary life, I first had to create an extraordinary self. I had to find the greatness within me in order to extend that greatness into everything else that I chose to do in this lifetime,” she says.

Tanya began her journey by working to peel back the layers of herself that were no longer serving her and chaining her down from experiencing better things in her business, relationships and life as a whole.

One of the first steps she set out to change was her outlook on her health. She began to prioritize her self-care in a way she never had before. Meditation, exercise, healthy eating, quality sleep and positive self dialogue all became an integral part of her everyday life. She integrated and implemented positive habits that built the foundation for her to thrive in her business and day-to-day life as her best self.

Tanya believes that in order to be successful, you have to take daily actionable steps to get yourself there, but also adopt a forward movement mindset. “If you want to be extraordinary, you must see and feel as if you already are extraordinary, and then practice being that person today ”

“Emotions are our guidance systems and they tell us what’s really happening on a subconscious level,” she adds. “So if you’re trying to create a new normal for yourself, you first have to process and work through whatever limits and blocks you have.”

One of those limits can be the labels you’ve put on yourself. Do you identify as a “procrastinator,” or someone who is “lazy,” when it comes to achieving your goals? If so, Tanya says it’s time to change that story-line.

Living a life of clear intention is the goal, and identifying your blocks and taking personal responsibility are just a part of the journey. At the end of the day, Tanya believes that your life is a result of how well you treat yourself mentally, physically & emotionally. If you operate from a space that acknowledges where you currently are in your life, you can also change your mind to create something entirely different that is in better alignment with what you want to achieve.

Tanya Oliver is the creator of the Ultimate Achievers Academy, an online community for people who desire to learn about self mastery, emotional intelligence, and how to operate at peak performance. She helps you unlock the same keys to success that helped her turn her life around and become the high end achiever she is today.

“I teach those who want to operate at their Peak Performance how to become mentally, physically and energetically healthy and strong AF, so they can look, feel and show up in their business and life as their best self,” she says. If you are a high end achiever and want to elevate your life, access Tanya’s FREE Masterclass on the 10 Steps to Build Mental Strength & Reclaim Your Personal Power.

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